Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Free Foreclosure Websites to Help You Find a House

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Did you know that foreclosures made up roughly one-third of all home sales this spring?   While that’s a smaller share of sales from the previous quarter, it’s six times the percentage of foreclosures in a healthy housing market. Foreclosure sales, which include homes purchased after they received a notice of default or that were repossessed by lenders, accounted for 31 percent of the market in the April-June quarter, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac Inc. recently released a list of the top 10 states for foreclosure based on June numbers. Many on the list aren’t a surprise, but a few  are.  (click at bottom to see the list)

Nationwide, foreclosure filings rose 4 percent from May to June, reports. Even Burt Reynolds is facing foreclosure.  A bank is moving to foreclose on Burt Reynolds’ Florida home, claiming he hasn’t made a mortgage payment since Sept. 1, 2010.What’s helpful about the list is that it shows the average foreclosure sales price in each of the top 10 states. So people interested in buying houses on the foreclosure market get a good idea of what they can expect to pay.

To find house foreclosures, there are several FREE website resources online (thanks to Free Things to Do in Orlando and Free Things to Do in Miami for this data): provides a free listing of homes in foreclosure. (free for seven days; $49 a month for a monthly subscription or $25 a month for an annual subscription). (free for seven days; $9.95 a week). lists homes for sale by the federal government. lists properties owned by Fannie Mae (acquired through foreclosure). Besides listings, Fannie Mae’s site also offers two types of financing: the HomePath mortgage, which allows as little as 3 percent down, and a renovation mortgage, which finances your purchase and a “light” renovation. lists properties owned by Freddie Mac. Buyers of a Freddie Mac home they plan to live in may qualify for a two-year warranty and an appliance discount of up to 30 percent.



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