Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Join Troy Aikman’s Free Fantasy Football App on Facebook

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Troy Aikman is  launching a new FREE fantasyfree aikman football app for Facebook. Developed by Prediculous Inc. and Sporting News, Aikman 2011 Fantasy QB is the first truly social FREE fantasy football experience that makes the game accessible and enjoyable for casual and hardcore fans alike.  Free to play, users simply pick four quarterbacks every week and their team competes in a league to win points. QB choices are clear for users and if no pick is made, the game will choose players automatically. To assist users in choosing players, Troy Aikman will be making his own weekly picks and broadcasting them in an exclusive video within the app. Aikman’s picks will also be accessible within each league to help players compare the performance of their picks to his.

Different from other fantasy football games on the market today, Aikman 2011 Fantasy QB makes the game easy and eliminates the tough requirements to play in a league. For example, league sizes are traditionally limited to 12 people while the Aikman Fantasy QB 2011 opens leagues up to 100 people. Players can also join mid-season.  Thanks to Free Things to Do in Chicago for this freebie!

Using the Facebook platform, players can easily find friends to invite into their league while enjoying bragging rights by swiftly sharing results across their social network. Also, the time commitment to play is only a few minutes every week compared to hours with other fantasy games. Like other highly popular social games, players will also be able to use Facebook credits to enhance their game performance.



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