Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Live in Bill Murray’s Ghostbuster Home with Cubs Pool

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The former country home of Bill Murray (of Ghostbusters fame) in the wealthy New York enclave of Palisades just outside New York City has been put on the market by Oscar-winning composer David Shire and his wife, the actress Didi Conn. Plus a special bonus!  The 5,100-square-foot home, which Murray painstakingly restored, includes the fire pole from the set of his Ghostbusters movie as well as a swimming pool with the Chicago Cubs logo, which clearly visible from the flight patterns of planes to the NYC area airports!

Apparently the comedic actor bought the Palisades, New York house in the 1990′s and outfitted it with both a Cubs pool (see photo) and a fire pole from “Ghostbusters” (how cool will that be for parties?).  The iconic pole from the 1984 comedy links the recording studio above to the garage below and does not impinge on the home’s overall design.“Murray completely rebuilt the house and expanded it, sparing no expense.   He gave it the feeling of an old farmhouse but with all the modern conveniences you could need,” according to someone familiar with the property.  Thanks to the Cubs fans at Free Things to Do in Chicago for this free look at how the better half lives!

Palisades is located just outside New York City west of the Hudson River. It’s an easy commute to Manhattan and has long  been a bedroom and/or vacation community for the city’s well-to-do.



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