Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Free Mp3 Music Download: Seventeen Evergreen’s Reverb Heavy ‘Angels’ ‎

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The popular duo Seventeen Evergreen, composed of Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans, which stylistically weaves psychedelic rock with electronic experimentation, will be releasing their next EP, Psyentist, on December 6th after a nearly five-year break. The Psyentist EP is a four-track experiment in pop sounds, and Caleb Pate explains that the reverb-heavy track “Angel,” which incorporates harp strings, is a “fantasy pinnacle, a love out of reach, a delusional silver screen frozen in nothing-time. This song goes out to those unlucky in love. Dreamers finish last… or first? But still don’t get him, completely.”

Seventeen Evergreen’s Psyentist EP will be available on December 6th, but you can download “Angels” for free below


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