Monday, June 26, 2017

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Free eBook: Class War? What Americans Really Think – Feb 2012

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Free eBook: The University of Chicago Press continues to offer one free e-book every month. While most of these are academically challenging, this month’s free selection about the true opinions of American about Class War is excellent.   The February free e-book selection, Class War? What Americans Really Think about Economic Inequality  by Benjamin I. Page and Lawrence R. Jacobs.   What do Americans actually believe about economic inequality? Are we sharply divided over the issue? What policies to deal with economic inequality have widespread support? Page and Jacobs carried out a new comprehensive opinion survey that revealed what Americans really think about this urgent issue. “This is a small book with very big aims.… It should be read … as a polemic, as a challenge, as a call to arms.”—Times Higher Education Supplement

Get your free e-book edition of Class War? during the month of February. Enjoy! Be enlightened!
Get your free e-book edition of Class War in February 2012

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