Monday, June 26, 2017

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Free Ziggy Marley Reggae Download!

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Listen All you reggae fans out there…For a limited time, you can enjoy a free music download of Ziggy Marley’s Africa Land at Amazon. Five-time Grammy winning artist and reggae icon Ziggy Marley, motivated by the historic occurrence of the World Cup being played in Africa for the first time, took the opportunity to write his current single “Africa Land.”   The song is an anthem to unity, freedom and new beginnings; well known principles championed by the legendary Marley family.  ”Africa Land” falls on the heels of Marley’s 2009 Grammy-winning Children’s album, “Family Time.” For this song, Marley recruited Grammy winning artists, brother Stephen Marley and African mega star Angelique Kidjo. Together they created a catchy, danceable song, which incorporates Dancehall Reggae, as well as African elements.  Thanks to Free Concerts in Chicago and Free Events in New York for this freebie

From Ziggy:

“here is the first song, it’s called africa land. I wrote it cause of the world cup in Africa as a way of cheering on Africa as one team and celebrating a new day in African history. My brother Stephen and my good friend Angelique joined me for this celebration. Enjoy.



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