Monday, June 26, 2017

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Free Online Photo Editor

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Need an online photo editor but don’t have access to Photoshop or are travelling?  Then check out the FREE PicMonkey, an easy, simple online photo editor that can handle many kinds of complex edits in just a few clicks. You might even use it instead of Photoshop because it gets the job done so quickly.     PicMonkey is free and doesn’t require a log in, so you can just visit the site and drag an image into the drop zone to get started. It’ll upload and you’ll see it on a big, wooden platform with a bunch of options to your left. You’ll start out with basic touch-ups like color, tone, brightness, contrast, and other similar adjustments, but can move on to frames and color effects when you’re ready. You can also fix skin blemishes, reduce red eye, remove wrinkles, put on a spray tan (weird!), and perform several other common touch-ups. Although PicMonkey is not a layer-based editor, you can overlay images and text.  Thanks to Free Tech Tips in Chicago for this freebie!



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