Monday, June 26, 2017

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Free Money and Bank Freebies: Get $50 Yourself or Open a Kids’s Banking Account

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Now is the time to make the change.   Electric Orange  at ING DIRECT isn’t your average checking account. First, they’ll give you $50 to open your account…that’s a good start….  



  • Your FDIC-insured Deposits Earn Interest – Your everyday money shouldn’t cost you, it should help you save too.
  • P2P Payments – Send money securely to family and friends. It’s Fast and free. Watch a demo.
  • Comes With FREE Stuff:
    • Free MasterCard® Debit Card for all purchases
    • Free Online Bill Pay
    • Free access at over 35,000 ATMs – find one near you
    • Free postage – we’ll mail your paper checks for you
  • Checks – Can’t pay electronically? Order a checkbook. Learn more.


Kids rule when it comes to saving

Piggy banks are great, but an online savings account — even better. Kids love having money in the bank, and they’ll love feeling in charge of it, too.  Thanks to Free Banking Online Options in Chicago

Kids Savings Account

  • Teach ‘em to be good savers
    Click here to start saving with ING DIRECT!

    • A kid-friendly 0.80% variable Annual Percentage Yield (effective 01/06/2012)
    • No fees, no minimums
  • Have the “money talk” early – Show youngsters that stashing cash away is not only easy, it’s fun.
  • Play it safe – The money’s FDIC-insured and the grown-up’s in charge of all deposits and withdrawals.

Teach kids to be Savers with an ING DIRECT Kids Savings Account℠. No fees. No minimums. Open online.



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