Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Pizza Hut Offers Super Bowl Freebie

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Pizza Hut is expanding its Super Bowl campaign by offering all Americans a free sample of its latest “product innovation” — assuming one of the quarterbacks yells “hut” during the game.    That is, of course, extremely likely. (“Hut” is heard an average of 90 times per football game, according to a Stats, Inc. statistic cited by Pizza Hut.)    Pizza-Hut-BIf the “hut” comes through, consumers can pick up their free samples (through carry-out or dine-in) at any of Pizza Hut’s 6,200-plus U.S. locations between 4 pm and 7 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 5 (no registration or membership required).  The nature of the new product will be revealed during CBS’s pre-game show (integrated into the content). Pizza Hut is one of the show’s official sponsors.


Pizza Hut estimates that it will sell more than 2 million pizzas and 5 million wings on Super Bowl day this year.   On Bowl day, the chain is offering any pizza (any size, any toppings and any crust option) for $10, as well as promoting its Big Dinner Box ($19.99) and its $10 Dinner Box.



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